Sunday, 10 January 2010

BBC "The Big Questions"

Today, Sunday 10th January 2010, Nicky Campbell (pictured), presented the show from Ashton Park School in Bristol. Taking part on the panel of this weeks debates were the Human Rights Activist (actually, more GAY RIGHTS !), Peter Tatchell, Alison Ruoff, Member of the General Synod (thank God), and the Reverend Joanna Jepson, chaplain to the London College of Fashion.

The first question to the panel and the audience was this:

Is immigration destroying British values?

It was announced by the presenter of the show Nicky Campbell that the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey (pictured left), recently stated on a Radio 5 show that " Christians must toughen up and speak out" and that he also called for the immigration system to prioritise immigrants who respect Britain’s historic Christian values.

Nothing wrong with that I hear you say, but unfortunately we had the usual BBC selected audience of Human/Gay Rights lunatics, UAF/Red scumb, muslims and typical spotty students that had still had not woken up from the binge drinking the night before!

Alison Ruoff (pictured below), was constantly attacked for her views on this subject, views that were in agreement with the statements made by Lord Carey and that NO more mosques should be built in Britain. She also went on to say "We are constantly building new mosques, which are paid for by the money that comes from the oil states & tax payers" and “We have only in this country as far as we know, 3.5 to 4million Muslims. There are enough mosques for Muslims in this country. They don’t need any more.” Also, in an interview with Premier Christian Radio, she added: “We don’t need to have sharia law, which would come with more mosques imposed upon our nation.

“If we do not watch out, that would happen. If we want to become an Islamic state this is the way to go.

“You build a mosque and then what happens?

“You have Muslim people moving into that area, all the shops will then become Islamic, all the housing will then become Islamic and as the Bishop of Rochester has so wisely pointed out, that will be a no-go area for anyone else.

These are views I and am sure many of you agree with, but as usual with the BBC (like with the Question Time farce with the Nick Griffin), the audience then proceeded to ridicule her brave comments, shocking outbursts that came from the usual rag bag fundamentalist left wing lunatic appeasers and muslims that I'm sure the BBC carefully select for the show. Muslims in the audience were incensed by her comments and that of Lord Carey. I'm sure given the chance, they would have beheaded her there and then given the chance the affore mentioned rag bag bunch would have jeered the muslims on, not realising that their heads were definately next on the block for being non believers or Gay and that of course Alison Ruoof WAS RIGHT !

Lastly, there were of course 3 questions for this weeks shows debate 2nd one being:

Should you be honest about your sexuality? Refferring to homosexuality.

The 3rd question was: Should old cases come to court? Dumb question really !

With regards to the 2nd show question though, which I found funny. What did we then have from the muslims selected for the audience...........? A deafening sound of silence, because we all know what the islamic belief is about homosexuality & non believers and I doubt the BBC would want to disclose that or upset the selected muslim audience now would they? allahu akbah BBC !!!


Anonymous said...

All the left can do is jeer because they are too uneducated and fascist to hold a reasoned debate, they do not believe in democracy that's why they've alligned themselves with the Islamists, they're nothing but traitors...Donna

rugfish said...

Brave indeed of the lady. Perhaps she'd be better if SHE came out and supported the British National Party instead of trying to keep one foot in the grave of Britain and the other foot on the path of our forefathers and Christian heritages for there is no in between.

As for the BBC, I seldom if ever recognise any audience member which represents my views. That would of course be difficult however, given their audiences are simply bussed in UAF members as evidenced by ONE TRUE BRIT who did actually appear on Question Time, who said he witnessed it. He also stated that he, along with all the others were told to Boo Nick Griffin when he entered the studio.

Personally, I reached a point of simple understanding about all this.

1) We are all victims of a sustained psychological attack by the BBC and other media.

2) All of them are criminals.

3) Every dog has its day and nothing lasts forever.

4) Nothing man ever built, can not be destroyed by him if and when he so desires.

Time is on our side brother and I applaud that you, me and many other true Brits, are awake to it and will keep outing Marxists like the scum they are.

Incidentally, last point here: I don't give two fkcus for someones sexuality and I'm totally against sexual preferences being the subject of "political debate" about the influences of other ideologies which would if we let them, tear down the very means to oppose them.

Nice post Kewl.