Wednesday, 27 January 2010


A JUDGE caused outraged yesterday when he locked away a brutal boy rapist for just three years.

“The boy will probably be out in a year and a half and spend that time lounging around
playing on PlayStation instead of getting the punishment he deserves.

“He should have been put away for a very long time. At 13 he would have known what he was doing was wrong and if he wasn’t aware then he won’t be in three years either.

“Our justice system is too soft on people. Nobody is standing up for the victims.”

Yvonne Traynor, who leads South London’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre, said: “I wonder how our society moved from 14-year-old boys supporting a football team and going to scouts to robbery and raping women.”

Judge Paul Glenn lifted a restriction preventing the publication of Khan’s name after hearing details of the horrifying attack at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

The court was told how Khan ran up behind his victim and grabbed her around the neck as she walked through a secluded area near Cobridge, in Stoke one evening last September. He punched and kicked her as she lay on the ground before raping her.

The court heard two boys, aged 10 and 11, who knew Khan, stood nearby and shouted at him to stop the attack.

Afterwards Khan, from Cobridge, took the victim’s bag, containing an iPod and mobile phone.

The court heard scientists later found Khan’s DNA on swabs taken from the victim. Naomi Perry, defending, said he had shown remorse for what he had done.

“We are dealing with a very immature young man,” she said. “He has been having anger-management classes and he feels these have helped him.”

Judge Paul Glenn told Khan that his offences were “grave” and that an adult convicted of the same crimes would have been jailed for eight or nine years.

He added: “It was a terrifying experience for this young woman and she will be left psychologically scarred.”

By law, anyone under 18 years old faces a lesser sentence for rape than an adult, and for those aged 14 or under the term is reduced further.

Khan was sentenced to three years in a young offenders’ institution.

Balal Khan, now 14 but 13 at the time of the attack, was spared a longer term because of his age – and because he said sorry.

Khan, one of the UK’s youngest convicted rapists, targeted his 20-year-old victim as she walked home.

He beat her severely, then screamed: “Do what I say or I’ll kill you”, before putting her through the terrifying sex attack.

He finally stole her bag and phone and even answered a call from her boyfriend – to brag about what he had done.

My Opinion: Public Execution!