Saturday, 16 January 2010

Where is the "Religion of Peace" ?

The pictures and stories from the Haiti earthquake are the stuff of nightmares. Orphaned children are sleeping amongst corpses, voices crying from deep beneath dust and cinderblock gradually grow silent, blood runs in gutters, the dead are stacked like cordwood, the injured are broken and gashed on cracked sidewalks waiting for help, aid agencies can barely fly, drive or walk through the broken infrastructures to help.

Nothing can be done soon enough.

As usual, the United States & Great Britain through every official and personal means, is leading the rescue and care of earthquake victims. Every day folks have given millions through call centres and online donations.

Israel has 121 rescue personnel in Haiti–40 doctors, five search and rescue teams. The United Nations sends $10M, Great Britain sent a four-man team by the Government to assess the damage and a team of 30 doctors and 71 rescue specialists with dogs and heavy equipment set off from Gatwick Airport this week with a pledge of £10 million. The Great British public generosity have also donated £2 million so far, Cuba, Brazil, Canada, France, Australia, Netherlands, China, Russia, Greece,The World Bank donates $100M, the International Monetary Fund also $100 M, Japan, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have given half a million to Doctors Without Borders..and so on.

Here is a list of donations from organizations and countries so far.

Out of all the lists of donations and charitable giving, excuse me, but where are the Muslim countries?

Where is the “religion of peace”? Saudi Arabia scrambled luxury jets to Guantanamo Bay prison earlier this year to bring 9/11 Islamo terrorists “home” to heroes welcomes and “rehabilitation” in luxury resorts, goodness knows the Saudis have a few dillion oil dollars in a drawer or two. Where is the Saudi relief effort to Haiti? How about Dubai, where they see fit to build the world’s tallest building as a testimony to themselves? How about Libya? Gadaffi is in the middle of a multi-billion dollar renovation of his capital city and airport after successfully trading the Lockerbie bomber for an oil deal with British Petroleum. Muammar surely has spare shekels.

When the entire world is converging on a tiny, smashed-up island whose residents are dying every minute, where is official Islam?

Muslims wouldn’t happen to be looking the other way just because Haiti is 85% percent Roman Catholic and 10% Christian, would they??

Jews were expelled from all French colonies, including Haiti, in 1683. Israel was one of the first countries to send aid this week.

The religion of peace, what a f**king joke !

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