Wednesday, 10 February 2010


For public consumption, the incoming Labour Government's line could hardly have been clearer.

"Every country must have firm control over immigration,' said Tony Blair's 1997 manifesto, 'and Britain is no exception."

Behind the scenes, however, a very different strategy was taking shape.

An explosive draft report by the Cabinet Office, written in 2000, exposes the new Government's deliberate policy of throwing open our borders.

Crucially, this was not, as it was sold to voters, simply to fill the skills gaps opening up in our then-booming economy.

As the hitherto secret report confirms, the calculated aim was also to transform Britain into a fully multicultural society.

In the blunt words of a loose-tongued Labour adviser who worked on the report, it was to 'rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date'.

Of course, some will argue that multiculturalism is indeed a worthy end in itself - although you won't often hear that said in places such as Reading, where 127 languages are spoken in schools.

But in a democracy, don't ministers have a duty to tell us what they are up to and why - and to let our votes be the judges?

Of all Labour's legacies, the effects of ten years of unrestricted immigration will surely be the most lasting.

My Opinion: Hang the Bastard !

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