Monday, 8 February 2010

Gordon Brown sells White Cliffs of Dover "OUR LAND"

England's "Scottish" Prime Minister to sell White Cliffs of Dover to France
For centuries, the White Cliffs of Dover, one of the great symbols of England, have been a great symbol of English pride.

But now, thanks to Britain's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, the White Cliffs of Dover are to be sold to England's ancient enemy and great rival - France.
Brown is planning to sell the Port of Dover, which is Europe's busiest ferry port, to the French to help reduce Government debt.
The White Cliffs of Dover, on England's south east point overlooking the Channel, are 350ft tall at their highest point. The cliffs are composed mainly of soft, white limestone.
The cliffs have always had a symbolic value for England, and then Britain, because they face Continental Europe, where invasions from nations such as Spain, France and Germany have historically threatened.

Dover is just 21 miles from the French town of Calais, which was once a part of English territory.

Brown may be Scottish, but he's certainly not careful with money. In 1999, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, he sold off 60% (or 400 tons) of Britain's gold reserves for $275 an ounce when the price was at an 20 years low. It eventually cost the British (mainly English) taxpayer £2 billion when the price trebled in subsequent years.

My Opinion: Hang the BASTARD !


rugfish said...

This is obvious treason.Our land is our land not his land, so he is selling the sovereign wealth of our sovereignty country.

This is while he pledges £15 BILLION at the cost of our future indebtedness as a people (further impoverishing us), in AID to foreigners.

The man is a fucking dictator and a traitor, he's spineless and he is obviously completely stark raving MAD!

I hope the BNP launches a proper campaign against this and the poxy traitors killing our nation!

Goodnight Vienna said...

The Port of Dover is being privatised (possibly, approval hasn't yet been given but it no doubt will since it's the last of our Ports in state hands). The highest bidder so far, should it go ahead and who can doubt that it won't, is an EU Regional Council.

We were sold out years ago but it's only now that people are beginning to sit up and ask wtf. Once upon a time we were thought of as nutcases and scaremongers. No-one has the last laugh here - there's still plenty of pain to come.

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