Thursday, 18 March 2010

American Idol X-Factor Mogul Simon Cowell to "convert to islam" !

Simon Cowell's girlfriend, Mezhgan Hussainy's family wants music mogul Simon Cowell to convert to Islam before he marries her, says a report.

The 'American Idol' judge had proposed to Hussainy last week.

'They're very westernised, but no one in their family has ever married a non-Muslim - and they're not willing for their youngest daughter to become the first,' quoted a source as saying about Hussainy's parents Mary and Sayed.

Hussainy's sister-in-law Erlene Garcia was also asked to convert before marrying her brother Wahid.

According to Hussainy's friend, 'Mezhgan is very reluctant about asking Simon to convert...and she knows how controversial it will be.'

'Simon might be a big deal in the UK, but there are other people in the Afghan community in Los Angeles who her parents will be more afraid of offending. It would bring shame on their family and community if Simon did not respect their beliefs,' the friend added.


bunkergeargal said...

Her family would be ashamed if she married a non-Muslim? And they considered hat to be Westernized? Sounds like they're ashamed to be American, so let's take away their embarrassment and let them go back to Afghanistan so they can be proud.

sammacks said...

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